Mandala Drawing Online Video Course

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Mandala Art

Let your creativity of traditional art increase your focus and attention …. enjoy the art of meditating with mandalas…



Hi, My Name is Chaitra Hebbar. I stay in Garden city of India, Bangalore. I am passionate about the art and music. I love learning new skills, and sharing everything I know with people. I am glad now I can teach and inspire more people  through online courses. In a short period of time more than 2500 students enrolled to this course. Stay tuned! It will be interesting! 🙂 

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Materials Required

Important Notes

Hurry Up!

Regular Price US$ 99

Demo Class : Basic designs of Mandala

Note: This demo video is in fast forward, Class videos will be in Normal speed. 

Topics for this course

30 Lessons12h


Introduction to Mandala Art2:23
Contents of this course1:17
Materials , tools required1:35

Basic Designs of Mandala

Lesson 1 : Basic designs of Mandala21:07
Lesson 2 : Basic designs of Mandala21:02
Lesson 3 : Basic designs of Mandala15:26
Lesson 4 : Basic designs of Mandala19:36
Lesson 5 : Basic designs of Mandala26:03
Lesson 6 : Basic Circular design of Mandala14:52

Basic Mandalas

Lesson 7 : Mandala with Basic Designs16:58
Lesson 8 : Mandala with Basic Designs31:17
Lesson 9 : Mandala with Basic Designs21:33
Lesson 10 : Mandala with Basic Designs23:12
Lesson 11 : Mandala with Basic Designs9:38
Lesson 12 : Mandala with Basic Designs12:47
Lesson 13 : Mandala with Basic Designs12:49
Lesson 14 : Mandala with Basic Designs9:40

Advanced Mandala

Lesson 15 : Mandala design on black paper32:44
Lesson 16 : Mandala design on black paper 216:38
Lesson 17 : Mandala in triangle31:21
Lesson 18 : Full page Mandala37:25
Lesson 19 : Split Mandala31:14
Lesson 20 : Mandala with Colour37:25
Lesson 21 : Mandala with message37:25
Lesson 22 : Mandala Circle36:39
Lesson 23 : Mandala Galaxy59:34
Lesson 24 : Mandala on yellow paper36:39
Lesson 25 : Mandala on Green Paper00:22:50
Lesson 26 : Mandala on Yellow paper00:35:53
Lesson 27 : Mandala Design25:40